The International Festival of Casablanca will be offering dynamic and wide-ranging programs

The international festival of Casablanca which is scheduled to open on July 6-15, 2017 comes with a new concept, and a real quality programming, according to the statements released by its organizers. It should be noted that the festival will happen in three stages, namely Espace Toro, Ain Sebâa and in Place des Nations Unies.

Ten artworks will be honored during the ten days of the celebration, on the two main stages located in the TORO area and Ain Sebaa. On these platforms, several national and international artists will perform, according to the director general of Casa Events and Animation, Mohamed Jouahri, during an announced press conference dedicated to the presentation of the festival’s agenda.

Other programs such as dance workshops, reading, film screenings, children’s shows and street art, are going to surprise the Casablancans in the 16 districts. Music demonstrations and other performing arts will happen in a single event.  The International Festival of Casablanca (City of Casablanca) is the city’s very first festive edition. It is created by the instructions of the wilayah of Greater Casablanca, the council of the city, and the Greater Casablanca Region. According to its organizers, this festival is an essential summer rendezvous for all Casablancans and Moroccans.Consequently, local and international artists will be honored to illustrate the metropolis’s global reputation and its particular position as a spot for major conventions.

I this sense, the festival offers the people in the city of Casablanca a rich and diverse program. The festival will propose a multidisciplinary program such as street theater, circus and tales, and halka for the whole city and its Casablanca and its public plazas.

On the music side, a variety of styles is expected. Notable artists such as Gloria Gaynor and Oum will grace the event. Others such as French Montana, Zina Daoudia, Five stars, Dj Naamane, Dizzy Dros, Haim Hobble Daoudi, Mourad Bouriki, Fnaire, Hoba Hoba Spirit, Fatima Zahra Laa Roussi, Nass el Ghiwane, Betweenatna, ,Mister You, Dj Van, Kids united, Daox , Don Big, Jil Jilala, Hatim idar, Acid Arab, Abdelaziz stati, Wachm’n hit, and Polyswitch and are also expected to attend the event.

The Festival Parade e lector will be presented by street artists who undertake tribal and hypnotic rhythms to transform the streets of the city into an actual dance floor, and together will distinguish the organization of the first Edition of the Casablanca Shopping Festival “SHOP IN CASABLANCA.”

On display, the legendary Disco Queen Gloria Gaynor. Since the 1970s, Gloria Gaynor has been the first international artist to have recorded an album for the unique dance tracks, an unparalleled international success. She is considered one of the greatest divas of the disco era. Besides this American singer, we find Tiken Jah Fakoly, a well-known figure in the African reggae scene.

The festival will offer the people of Casablanca with film screenings on Sidi Bernoussi beach and also open-air screenings in public squares. The program also includes Casamouja.

This event will also mark the occasion to make a second wave of colors on the walls of the city to make it even more lively, welcoming and unique.  The Casablanca Festival will have the particularity for this year by proposing an opening show, and a closing show that will highlight the strengths and dynamism of the city through the values encouraged in the methodology of the attractiveness of We Casablanca. Music will not be the only art summoned to this fantastic show; there are also a group of dancers, acrobatics, and jugglers who will make the event more enjoyable.