How to hide your social media privacy from unknown followers?

Social media is a place where people interact with each other. People prefer to interact with their same personality people. They also focus on their friends and relatives to whom they know in real. They post their photos and videos on social media profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They always care about their privacy on social media. They prefer to share their photos and videos with people to whom they know. People buy instagram likes but they want to secure their data from unknown followers.

Social media privacy

It is an important issue in this modern world due to much use of social media. People use it for their work activities performance. They use it for their entertainment, communication and business market. They need to care for their privacy to feel secure. This security is essential to avoid bad guys and hackers on social media. To ensure the privacy of users, all social media networks have introduced some basic privacy factors. They have introduced various strict rules and factors for users to feel secure.

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Importance of social media privacy

Privacy on social media is very important to keep your information safe. All social media networks access your information at your permission. These social media networks introduced privacy settings for you. You can select options in settings for how you have to make your data secure from unknown people.

Privacy settings

All social media networks take permission from their users to get access personal information. Users can agree to terms and conditions by reading carefully. But most of the users do not read terms and conditions and click to agree. Social media networks policies include disclaimers. This disclaimer is for copyright and access personal information for posts which you put on your profile. Social media networks update their policies for ensuring good privacy setup for users.

Ways to hide personal information

Users require hiding their information from unknown users and unknown followers. They can use different privacy setting features for this purpose. They need to go on privacy settings on all social media networks for managing people who can see your stuff. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook allow you to click on privacy setting icon. In this privacy settings, users can change their profile features related to who can see their photos and videos. They can manage how to review tagged photos and videos by friends.

Universal settings of all social media networks

All social media networks consist of some common privacy settings features. One of these features is about posting photos and videos. This privacy shows who can see your photos and videos posted. It comes with options of public, friends and only me. Profile pictures at all social media networks represent this privacy feature.

So, you can hide your social media privacy from unknown followers. You can manage your features in privacy settings icon of all social media networks. Also, profile settings for business and personal purposes can be managed according to features of these social media networks.